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"Our daughter was born with only 24 weeks of gestation. We were fortunate to have Paula as a support teacher during our daughter's preschool time and during the transition to elementary school. She worked with our daughter every day, and  then she coordinated the transition from kindergarten to school, providing invaluable information and supervision to the teachers who would have work with our daughter since her timing was slower than for other kids and she got easily tired after a day among other people. Today and several years later, 'S' remembers her time with Paula and what she has learned. Our daughter participates in school and free time activities as any other kid. Eternally grateful."

- Parents of a premature girl.

"We hold a parent evening and invited Paula to hold a lecture about motor development and the 3 primary senses, with a particular focus on tactile sense.
It was a rich evening, We got a lot out of the presentation and had received much positive feedback from both staff and parents. "

- Director of Mini Ajax, Nursery school.

"In my desperate search for a Spanish-speaking speech therapist in Copenhagen for my 4-year-old son, I found Paula. We are now living in Spain, but the months that Paula worked with my son were very important to him. I could see great changes in my son since he began the sessions with Paula. Simon felt very comfortable with her. Tuesdays were "happy days" for him.

Not only did she help him, but she also guided us to help our son, as well as coordinating with the Danish teachers and speech therapist at the Danish kindergarten to work towards the same goals.If you have a child with difficulties in language development, I would not hesitate for a second in recommending Paula! "

- Mother of a 4-year-old boy, bilingual.

"It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for-Paula Martinez. My daughter Sofie (4 years old) was diagnosed with severe delay in language (both Danish and Spanish) and also She needed to improve her gross-motor skills. Moreover, my son Erik (6 years old) needed to improve his mother tongue (Spanish). Since the first time, my children enjoyed working with Paula. She provided them with individualized speech therapy session and taught them concepts skills through playing. Also, Paula showed genuine interest to their needs and feelings. She was focus to attend to their needs with a unique and integrate approach, that showed results in short time. She works in collaboration with other professional e.g. audiologist, speech pathologist. Therefore, I strongly recommend Paula Martinez to anyone who wants a professional, effective, and caring session for their children."

- Mother to a 4 years-old girl, delay in language and motor skills.